Difference between a nurse leadership and nurse management

Nursing is the most charming and energetic profession. This nursing essay is discussing about the differences between the nurse leadership and nurse management. These two terms “leader” and “manager” are often used in an interchangeable manner. Those who had worked with a person or worked for a person who is one, but not the other will view some errors in screening these two terms as synonymous. A person can be a great leader, but not a manager. A nurse can be a manager, but not every nurse can possess nursing leadership skills.

A Nurse Leader

A leader frequently does not have a designated authority. A leader focuses on empowering others, as well as to provide motivation, inspiration, and the power of influencing others. Good nursing communication and interpersonal skills are the factors of a leader. A true leader must be sincere and energetic; a leader may be someone who risks loss or injury in the hope of gain, but should not to be to the extent that others feel that they are heedless.

A Nurse Manager

A manager is supplied with this standing as a proper role that is given to him/her by some other person. He/she has allotted position in the formal organization. A manager is anticipated to hold out specific duties and has definite responsibilities. Management over processes, decision-making, and also the work of others square measure enclosed within the manager’s role. Smart nursing managers square measure masterly at coordinates resources, each money and personnel, following the regulations, and fulfil the goals and targets of the organization. Management may be a key component of the role. Smart managers conjointly use reward and penalty effectively.


Although variations do exist, the roles will undoubtedly overlap. The simplest case situation is for a person to possess the simplest characteristics of each. All nurses are a unit leader and managers at some level. We have a tendency to all attempts for a balance between doing the correction factor and doing things right. The fast and dramatic changes in health care create these skills a lot of vital than ever. Critical cerebration acquisitions, active hearing acquisitions, and good header acquirement are indispensable at all tiers in these times of the nursing workforce.


Both leaders and managers got to envision the long term and lead the means towards a productive and economical unit with glad personnel. We are able to never stop seeking further skilled growth and opportunities to form a distinction in our profession. There are many ways to accomplish this, together with changing into politically aware and active, reading skilled journals, and attending continued education offerings relevant to our observe. No formal title of manager is needed to try and do these items. An honest nursing leader and manager can gain on those and alternative opportunities.

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